As a travel photographer my assignments have taken me and my camera around the world several times. I've followed behind many expert travel writers to new and old destinations capturing images to go along with their descriptions and "lists" of expectations. For many years i've noticed there was something missing between the written words and the published photographs. Many times the fabricated words are more spectacular than what can be photographed or the photographer is inspired by something the writer didn't mention. I suppose this is inevitable to happen but why not try to achieve both.

This blog is dedicated to filling the gaps between what we see and what we read about to encourage the truth about each destination. For my first submission to Take Me Away i've decided to focus on the island of Saint Kitts. 

For many years Saint Kitts has been a "lay-over" destination to get to its neighboring island Nevis or a quick stop for the giant cruiser. This West Indies island has a heart beat all it's own and is starting to attract the traveler demanding more than just the all inclusive package.

Native Kittitians and its island's expats welcome the traveler with open arms and are ready to share their secrets. Perhaps it's time to give this island a "shot".

The perimeter of the island is where you will spend most of your time as the interior is too steep for habitation. Saint Kitts offers a dramatic landscape with beautiful country roads winding through thick vegetated mountains that rise from the sea and fall from the clouds.